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On average, Wedding Metrics brings in 112 enquiries per month for our clients. So that's a good place to start.
This is the average amount your customers spend when they book you. Learn more>
If you're unsure, use the cost of your most popular package (e.g. if you have two packages, one for 3 hours that costs £395 and another for 4 hours that costs £450 and most people book the 3 hour package, select £395). But keep in mind, if most people also buy an add-on for extra prints / props etc then include this amount as well.
This is your enquiry to customer rate. For example, if for every 100 enquiries you receive, 10 of them become paying customers, your conversion rate is 10%. The average conversion rate for businesses working with Wedding Metrics is 11%.

How much will I make?

Wedding Metrics will bring your business a revenue increase of this much each month.

So, for every £1 you spend with Wedding Metrics, you will make:

Want to know how we worked out these figures?


Let's start by working out how many bookings you will get. If you get enquiries a month and you have conversion rate of %, that means you will get bookings a month. Because times by equals .


Now lets work out your revenue. If you get bookings a month and your average order value is £, your revenue will be £. Because times by £ equals £.


Before we can work out your profit, we have to work out how much working with Wedding Metrics will cost. We charge £10 an enquiry, so if you get enquiries, it will cost you £. Because times by £10 equals £.


So now let's work out how much profit working with Wedding Metrics will make you. If we bring in £ in revenue, but it costs you £ to generate that revenue, then your profit is £. Because £ minus £ equals £.

Because your revenue of £ divided by your cost of £ equals £ this means for every £1 you spend with us, we make you £That's a pretty great deal!